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Intergalactic Mail

2011-03-18 09:05:29 by antomic

My first game, Intergalactic Mail, was recently submitted to newgrounds. If anyone has problems, finds a bug, or just has a question about it, please ask your questions on this blog!

Over The Clouds...

2010-11-23 15:47:37 by antomic

My second work of art is out, and it is better than the first! follow the link to see it (please view it at full size) Over The Clouds.


2010-10-29 19:13:58 by antomic

I've made my first submission, and you can go look at it on the Art Portal! It's under 'Pixel Art', look for Bunkington Avenue. I feel like I've just entered a bigger purpose...

My First Game!

2010-10-17 14:13:28 by antomic

Yes, it's true. I'm making my first flash game. I'm not quite sure when it'll be finished, but expect it to be good.